Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happiness is...

a happy day! It has been so busy lately... lots of packing and shipping for Lisa, and a new LadyBird for me! I had made this little running birdie here: (well, you can't see it now 'cause blogger is being silly, but it's right here. Anyhoo, I had made her a month or so ago, and was waiting and waiting for the right saying to come along, and then sweet Sandra suggested "She Runs Like a Girl" (not knowing about this running birdie). And voy-la! as we french like to say, a pendant was born!

Also, I'm thrilled to welcome LynLivy's Arthouseto the world of LadyBirds! This store sounds totally amazing. It's run by a mom named Stacey, and here's a bit of her tres cool story:

LynLivy’s Story and vision
After being home with my 2 daughters for 7 years, I finally decided it was time to get back to work. But with a young family to care for, I wanted something that would allow me to be close to them and still make a difference thru our beliefs and vision. With many years of retail management experience, a huge desire to create, an artsy childhood, lots of crafty friends, 16 glittery girl scouts, and 2 very silly clever crafty kids - an ArtHouse seemed the only logical solution!

I'm excited to be a part of Stacey's vision... the store opens May 3rd in San Antonio, Texas, so if you live nearby, stop in and say 'hi'!