Saturday, April 19, 2008


Oh, so much has happened this week! It's been a funderful wonderful week! Where to begin, where to begin... well, if you live in the Long Grove Illinois area, you can now walk on over to Artist @ Heart to pick up your LadyBirds in person! As it should be, huh?

Let's see... oooh! I'm in a book! Rubbish, the best titled book I've seen in a long time...

See the little license plate charm up on the right - that's me! The book is actually a RIOT... I did not know the author, Kate Shoup before hooking up with her for this project, but she is absofreakinlutely hysterical in print. (Or, I'm easily amused.) I giggled at her topic headings, like "What a Tool" for the supplies section, and "Forage For Storage" for another. Okay, I am easily amused - but there's plenty of funnier stuff in there, I promise!

What else... we're planning our trip to England this June, and I'm totally wanting to find little wacky out of the way artsy fartsy stores to spend my pounds on - only 1000 american dollars buys a whole British pound - yay! (insert sarcasm there...) If you know of any shops, or cool artists who might know shops, post 'em here - we're traveling in a big circle - London - Cambridge - Edinburgh - Wales - Heart of England, and so on, so there's got to be great British art shops in all those places!