Friday, August 10, 2007

Whirlwind and a half!

Oh my gracious! Not a lot of art for the past two the last second my mom needed company in Boston at a party she was going to at the Museum of Science. Here's the short version: my brother Bradley was killed in a bicycle accident 25 years ago, and my parents gave his insurance money to the Museum of Science, where he had enjoyed volunteering in the Planetarium. The money was set up for an internship program, and we all kind of forgot about it. I guess they have brought on some new organizerish people at the MOS, 'cause my mom got an invitation for a party to celebrate the end of the interns' summer at the museum. Turns out the internship program has turned into an enormously successful thing, with over 250 interns each year from colleges all over the country. The interns have gone on to do some amazing things, especially the astro physics major Dani, who turned her internship into a full time position at the Museum's Planetarium. Did I mention she's smart?

So I flew up yesterday, waking up at 4:30 am, and got stuck at the airport for the return. Airtran blamed it on the weather in Philly, but I blame it on Airtran. They aaalmost cancelled the return flight, which would have meant me being stranded in Boston at 11:30 at night. I would have had to buy a ticket on another airline, 'cause Airtran said that all they'd do is put me on a Monday flight, their first available. I'm not loving Airtran right now!

Today was family, and horse camp for Olivia, and packing up a couple of Etsy orders, and some wholesale orders, and sending them off. One to Australia, and one to England, too!