Friday, November 30, 2007

the ART OF THE day...

Yay o joy o yay! I painted with Elizabeth this week! Two times! It can be so hard to find time to fit the creating part in with the business-ey part, and I had some canvases that had backgrounds all ready for me to do... I wanted to do faces - ladies, in fact... so I did this girl, and called her Persephone:

Then Liz challenged me to do a whole alphabet series of these girls, and I accepted the challenge! Did she throw down the gauntlet? Or lay down a gauntlet? Something like that... anyhoo, I immediately changed her name to Apersephone, and she shall be the first in my new series. I'm so happy - now I need to buy a bunch of 8 x 8 canvases - and Jerry's didn't have any!

I don't know if I'll call the series ABCDLadies?, or maybe MNOLadies... or maybe....something I haven't figured out yet!