Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday morning...

Aww.... I had a bunch of things in my head that I wanted to post about, and now they're all gone! I need ginko biloba or whatever that medicine is for people with tiny memories...oh, yeah, ART.

Here's my big struggle: I really really REALLY want to make a good 'Friends' saying. When I go back and look through my earliest pages of sayings, the friends ones are there, incomplete but there from almost two years ago! Here's the conundrum - it's all about the pronouns. If I want to give my friend a pendant, then who is the "She"? Here are some of the ones I've been thinking of...and the only way to get around the 'she' ness is to avoid it, I think.

friends til the end

they finish each other's sentences

they will always be friends

two friends for ever

their circle of friends is a straight line

best friend is her middle name

all time bestest friends

their friendship is 14 miles long

she's a very special friend

she's a true blue me and you friend

she dares to be the best friend

she's her bestest friend in the whole world

she loves her crazy happy delicious friend (ship)

she is the mint jelly on the peanut butter of their friendship

HOW can I get around this (insert dramatic pause here)?