Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fancy Museum Art and Unfancy Folk Art!

Ooh I had the COOLEST thing happen today! Eliz and I and our five assorted little artists went to the High Museum in ATlanta. WE saw Annie Liebovitz, Howard Finster, Mose Tolliver and a buncha stuff from some museum in France. Called the Loov, maybe? (har)... Then on the way home we stopped in the most intriguing gallery, Outsider Inside Art, or Inside Outsider Art.So we're looking around, and there's all kinds of really cool art there, and I see one of my favorite ebay artists from Canada displayed. THAT was cool. Her name is Helene Lacelle and I love her art!

But wait, there's more! After about five minutes of wandering around the store, I bumped into the store owner (almost literally), and we both looked at each other for the first time and shrieked, "I know you!" Then we had to figure out HOW we knew each other. Turns out, long ago in my previous life as a video tape editor (do they even make video tape anymore?) she was my client, with the ad agency Ogilvy and Mather. Oooh... now I want to try to remember what we worked on... not car spots, not Macy's, not jelly... Anyhoo, Kathy S. has left television and become the owner of the COOLEST gallery in Virginia Highlands! And now we're friends again!