Tuesday, July 17, 2007

How rich would I have to be...

to justify spending 307 dollars plus shipping on a handbag? For a long time now (well, long for my tiny little brain) I've been searching the web - mostly Etsy - for the perfect new backpack/handbag to make me smile and fit me juuuuust right. Finally I googled 'recycled handbag' and found THIS!! I love love love these bags - but I don't think I'd ever spend that kind of money! Ooh, maybe I could justify it if I was in England. Yeah, that's it...I'll save on shipping! So I'll go to Cornwall and THEN it would be worth it, 'cause then it would be only 150 bucks. Even if the bucks were pounds...

My favorite part of the website is when they say:

Addicted to fabrics, colours & textures? Not grown up enough for a real handbag?
Pockets not big enough anymore? Still six years old at heart?
If you answered yes to any of the above, read on!

I answer yes to all of the above!!

oh. the website. yes, indeedy - she's going to be my new best friend - Karen from http://www.smarttart.co.uk


Sylvia recently bought one of my pendants, and this is the photo she took of it. Very creative and cool - thanks, girl!