Thursday, April 3, 2008

Finally, inally, eyenally! I signed up with for a domain name in November of 2006. Then I couldn't find someone to design my website. Then I found someone but she wasn't available until Feb of 07 and I didn't want to wait that long. Mind you, I'm still spending money every month with for my non existent website. Fast forwrad - Jan, Feb, Mar 07...June July Aug 07... Jan Feb March 08! Still no website, and I was lucky enough to have been re-upped for my yearly contract with Register because I didn't know I needed to cancel. Out of sight out of mind. And TODAY. Yes, today is a historic day (not 'an historic' - that really irritates me), because Heather, my oh-my-stinkin-heck web designer, has begun to design!! Yippers to the moon and back!

I dare you. Go ahead. Try clicking on this! You won't find any holding page here!!!