Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Love Is A Little One to Call Her Own . . . a pendant for mommies . . . or mother's day . . . or lovebird lovers . . .

A couple of days ago I saw a mom n baby at the restaurant. The mom was just drooling with love over every move the baby made, and it made me remember those early days with Olivia, the way I'd tote her around in the Baby Bjorn, proudly expecting others to see the perfection that was my child. I'd modestly accept compliments, taking full credit for her perfect hair, perfect eyes, perfectly perfect baby-ness. I even remember telephoning my mom, shrieking with excitement just because she'd rolled over! What an amazing baby! What intelligence, what strength of character, what moral fiber my baby was showing! (Of course, over the good things it was always 'my' baby, and for the poops and stuff she was 'the' baby, or 'Lloyd's' baby...)

I love that kind of love. I still have it, but it changes when your baby is ten, going on fifteen. How bout you - do you have a baby?