Monday, August 13, 2007

First day of school and it's time for ART!

Wow wow wow. I have a first grader. I know - everyone has a first grader but mine is still a baby. He didn't need me to walk him in today either. And a fourth grader! Sheesh - aren't fourth graders old?

Anyhoo, now it's time for LadyBirds and License Plates! Here's my newest love... She Loves To Fly and it Shows

Today I'm packing up some wholesale orders, and anxiously awaiting the arrival of Lisa on Wednesday to take over this part of the job. She calls my house "The Factory" in (un)intentional reference to Warhol? hee hee

I just decided to do a book. One of those little tiny books that you see at the register on the way out of Barnes and Noble. While we were in Seattle I thought of it, and copied down the names of all the little book publishers. So now, I plan to do one thing a day toward getting a little book made. I can just see it - Ladybirds on the left page, saying on the right..

So, today's thing is....(drumroll)... spend fifteen minutes working on a proposal to send to the tiny little people working on the tiny little books. Ready....GO!