Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh mY Goodness!

Wow - it feels like forevah since I was last here... and forever since I last did art... We got back late from our various and sundry family visits, and Olivia got strep throat, so we couldn't go to Chattanooga for an overnight mini trip. (The fact that I'd left it too late to book a hotel and there was nothing available across from the ball park had nothing to do with us not going, luckily...)

Since we ended up with a sick kid and other tired people, we hung out the whole weekend in the den...didn't even leave the house on Saturday. Lloyd watched his TEaching Company tapes on biology (he's a scary smart boy) and Olivia and E read and watched movies, and I soldered and packed up orders and soldered and cut license plates and packed up orders. My trusty helper Carol has abandoned me - well, not quite abandoned, more like taking over a HUUUUUGE Christmas order of license plate charms and another special item, so I need a new helper. Any ideas?

It feels so good to have four wholesale orders all packaged up and ready to go, and all my etsy orders are in the mail except one to Australia and one to Canada. Those will go to the post office today - paypal doesn't do foreign mail. So now, all I have is a couple of Uncommon Goods orders, and then I can play art!