Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oh the shame!

Oh my gracious! It has been an amazingly busy week of art! Many thanks to many peeps who visited my etsy shop last friday for a big blowout sale. Just about all of your treasures are packed and shipped, and I look forward to next year's sale!

Picked up a whole slew of loverly new retailers in Alaska, Arizona, Massachusetts, West Virginia and Illinois. I can't wait to ship all of their wholesale orders! Or I should say, I can't wait til they're all shipped! Yay - that's a GOOOOOD feeling!

Just redid the license plate and key ring tags...they're coming in a couple of days, so they can be used for the next batch of orders. I like them muchly (my new word) , 'cause they're bright and pretty! They're business cards, front and back, and when I cut them down the middle and punch a cute hole in the top corner, they'll be ready to attach to charms n key rings!